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  1. Doyzer

    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Same thing for me
  2. Doyzer

    Org invite via my email address

    Some Orgs scrub the website for people to invite. I have received random invites for some of my alt accounts when I make a change to my account.
  3. Doyzer

    o7 Hey There

    Welcome back
  4. Doyzer

    Hey yo CapnJack (that's me)

    Welcome to TEST
  5. Doyzer

    Hurricane Michael in the Gulf

    Storm surge gonna be bad up to 12 feet
  6. Doyzer

    A Testes now !

    Welcome to Test
  7. Doyzer

    New ships / Squadron 42

    Like always, I will be at work.
  8. Doyzer

    does anyone know...

    Probably have a better chance for Javelins during anniversary next month
  9. Doyzer

    HH - Polaris CCU

    I asked concierge support if they would let me purchase this upgrade last month, unfortunately they said I had to wait until year end sales. Best of luck.
  10. Doyzer

    Hello All!

    Welcome to TEST again.
  11. Doyzer

    Hi There

    Welcome to TEST
  12. Doyzer

    Hammerhead vs Polaris

    The prices accidently changed in store today for HH and cyclones.
  13. Doyzer

    Hammerhead vs Polaris

    Looks like Hammerhead might go up to $725 in price
  14. Doyzer

    Hello to all

    Welcome to TEST
  15. Doyzer

    I'm in a cult now ...

    You're in luck, Citizencon, Anniversary, and Year-End Sale are around the corner. Get your wallet ready.
  16. Doyzer

    My Team's entry in CIG's Prospector Commercial Contest

    Like I told DamnShame, professional quality. Great work.
  17. Doyzer

    Mixed feelings lol

    Welcome to the Chairman's Club. Now go out there and spend another $1500 to get to Grand Marshall.
  18. Doyzer

    Sad news to report: CosmicTrader's girlfriend has passed away

    Sad to hear. Sorry for your loss.