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  1. FluffyVonRage

    o7 Citizens!

    Welcome to test
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    delete pls

  3. FluffyVonRage

    So proud of you all

    So I've finally gotten around to watching the full stream, and It was awesome to recognize so many names as Disco was reading out the volunteer list. Good on you all & Thank you - Making me proud to be a testie & letting everyone know how we roll ;) Hope you all had an awesome time too :P
  4. FluffyVonRage

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    All very pretty, but nothing i can see bringing anyone new into the fold in itself - Maybe time for a new starter ship soon?
  5. FluffyVonRage

    Hello All!

    Welcome to TEST 😄
  6. FluffyVonRage

    Hi There

    Welcome to TEST :D
  7. FluffyVonRage

    Hey from Jamaica

    Welcome to TEST!
  8. FluffyVonRage

    Piracy Piracy Division/Squadron Organization Brainstorm

    Yes. Also: SuperNecro
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  10. FluffyVonRage

    Should TEST host our own official Rally race with prizes and bragging rights?

    there should definitely be a 'tusken stage' - a squad of drunk testies sat a mile back from the track with sniper rifles [[DEATH EMOJI HERE]]
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    Its been 2 yrs, time for first post

    Welcome to TEST! (Two years ago) :D
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    Welcome to TEST :)
  13. FluffyVonRage

    Sad news to report: CosmicTrader's girlfriend has passed away

    Deepest condolences Cosmic, I hope you find the comfort you need in the coming months. We're all here for you.
  14. FluffyVonRage

    Think we have it bad? The Cyberpunk community is worse!

    75% chance of malware for you sir? To be fair, Deus Ex did give you a quest that was essentially that.
  15. FluffyVonRage

    [video] Cyberpunk 2077 first look!

    Looks like i've got something to look forward to for Christmas :D
  16. FluffyVonRage

    Star Runner mystery skin revealed!

    Still well below average mistake density. I'll be wearing it :D
  17. FluffyVonRage

    Is there where I go to drink the Koolaid?

    Welcome to TEST :D Space cats unite.
  18. FluffyVonRage

    [Video] Mercury Star Runner sale

    Upgraded my Hornet to a mercury - now to get used to flying a Multiplayer ship with LTI before risking my carrack :P
  19. FluffyVonRage

    Ship sale - Mercury Star Runner (Aug 23)

    Oh cool. Looks like I picked the worst time to get attached to my cane :smile: Edit: RIP not VIP </3
  20. FluffyVonRage

    [Video] Smaller ships will have their purpose!

    Cockfighting? Psh, why do you think I've got a carrack? to do something other than abduct obscure and fantastic alien species to make THEM fight?