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  1. Michael

    Free Look using FOIP

    Do you use it only in seat or also on foot? I find it very confusing on foot. (and i know i'm not the only one)
  2. Michael

    Dual-stick setup

    Me for myself i prefer having strafe up/down on the stick and strafe forward/backwards on the "left roll". It can sometimes help fine adjusting my aim and i have no problem with keeping the stick twisted all the time. (Well its a thing you might want to try and see how it works for you) Also i...
  3. Michael

    Lets Pet That Nice Hammerhead.

    i think there is a feature planned / at work called gyrostabilizer. It will try to stabilize the turret within its movement ability. So if its right turning ability is at its max you won't be able to turn "more right".
  4. Michael

    7 weeks with Test!

    In germany the one with the anniversary has to invite people. So i expect cake and beer from you.
  5. Michael

    o7 Hey There

    Welcome back and cu in the verse!
  6. Michael

    Tony Z. Design Panel

    Yeah it totally annoyed me after 20 Minutes. I hope CIG upload everything to yt this week
  7. Michael

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    Kraken: I think its a pretty cool ship for orgs and people wanting to set up a "ship transport business". I think i might want it ingame because i'm not going to invest so much money. (I'd rather buy better hardware) Valkyrie: Well a bigger Cutlass Cool nice looking ship, don't see a purpose...
  8. Michael

    Ship prices in UEC

    So there is no (edit linear) relation between "real world ship" prices and ingame ship prices.
  9. Michael

    Price increases 3.3 release

    to support the game? I don't expect the 50-100$ Ships/vehicles are very hard to achieve. HH etc. should be hard to earn.
  10. Michael

    Unspectacular SpaceX Launch video

    Do you wan't me to show how i launch my rocket? I'm little bit jealous because i'm far away from any launch pad.
  11. Michael

    RTX 2080/2080 Ti BENCHMARKS ARE IN!

    Nothing says better "Fuck you and your poverty" than buying GPUs for 2600 € (well maybe 3 way SLI if possible)
  12. Michael

    Arma 3 Antistasi Getting started

    No mod is needed but here you are also their homepage:
  13. Michael

    Arma 3 Antistasi Getting started

    The focus at the beginning of the game should be gathering resources and avoiding missions. My suggestions is kill some local gendarmes take loot steel some cars and get them back to the HQ. Antistasi has a high difficulty and what we will need is a lot of gear. A good way is to get into a town...
  14. Michael

    Arma 3 Antistasi Getting started

    First of all my recommondation for getting started in arma 3 is: Setting the compass to "space" (from "K") this will make calling coordinates much easier Also setting grenades to "2xG" (from "G") this will reduce the amount of accidently thrown grenades Looking at the several Combat stances...
  15. Michael

    [Poll] Arma 3 Server

    Thanks as i said before i'm in Korea (26.09 - 03.09) in the next couple of days so i can't provide much support at that time. Also Evocati might even distract a little bit more. First: towards the poll the majority wants a "casual gaming style" and hand crafted missions. We think this will need...
  16. Michael

    [Poll] Arma 3 Server

    once @SeungRyul is back with his new power supply work on the server should continue
  17. Michael

    RTX 2080/2080 Ti BENCHMARKS ARE IN!

    I think pretty well summary of the current state: View:
  18. Michael

    RTX 2080/2080 Ti BENCHMARKS ARE IN!

    Looking forward into buying the 2080, it has roughly the same performance as the 1080Ti, which has enough power for 4K 60Fps (in most games) Everyone seems to forget DLSS. If DLSS works great we might get a good gain...
  19. Michael

    Anyone else disappointed with BFV?

    This reply deserves more attention Also ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib Arma 4?
  20. Michael

    [Poll] Arma 3 Server

    Since there are so many ways to play arma, so many mods to use i would like to ask what kind of gameplay you're probably interested in. There are two parts of this poll. You can answer one but also more Part 1: Milsim: This is a special kind of community something between fun and hard work...