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  1. Crymsan

    Keep my Phoenix or CCU to a Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie looks fun when crewed but with no cargo capacity at all it has one role. Now if we where invading vanduul planets you would have a lot of work but for its cost its role is limited. In addition its not like a big industrial vessel which should earn good cash. <<< Is the fun factor...
  2. Crymsan

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    The arguments logic wise for no cargo make no sense. Instead they did not bother with that and waived the balance stick at it. <<< This stick does not apply evenly to all ships. I doubt its cargo capacity would be huge but maybe it would infringe to much on the caterpillar or something...
  3. Crymsan

    Hi everyone

    Hello Xerrin welcome aboard. Who knows with OCS maybe even the Idris will be released to the owners soon!
  4. Crymsan

    7 weeks with Test!

    That's the thing it is star citizen. Cake is promised tomorrow.
  5. Crymsan

    Celebrating my 235th year as a TESTie

    Is the game out yet?
  6. Crymsan

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    Well if what the developers have said is true no one will suspect it is delivering cargo even if each soldier is required to carry a ccu sized box shaped weopon.
  7. Crymsan

    Lets Pet That Nice Hammerhead.

    Did the glare from the windscreens obstructs his view?
  8. Crymsan

    Lets Pet That Nice Hammerhead.

    Yeah currently balanced around power output, or as they say its alpha the hammerhead is on sale its not a coincidence and so on.
  9. Crymsan

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    Well its not that its like a Hercules because it can carry a vehicle it cannot carry cargo<<. The Carrack will be its own thing and lord alone knows how that will end up (probably to much FPS level sadly) when for the reasons of fuel use should be compact inside like the Valkyrie.
  10. Crymsan

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    The logic for fitting as much as possible in a small space, fits with how you imagine travel should work, more mass meaning more cost and shorter range. Its why I do not like the 600i the space isn't used for luxury just space. Now that very argument is why the Valkyrie should be able to carry...
  11. Crymsan

    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Good luck honestly I think the game has issues crewing much smaller ships (so far anyways) and even though its If you have thirty mates the crew plus the carried ships crews (if you can do that I can imagine you will be a total menace and have loads of fun). I appreciate this is a massive guild...
  12. Crymsan

    delete pls

    Why would you delete a blank post it has more content than most of the posts here.
  13. Crymsan

    Need your advice guys!

    There are many people here who have many larger ships who will need want clan mates to join them and quite frankly that will be the cheapest upgrade path in the game.
  14. Crymsan

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    I like more starter ships if its feasible that people will stay in them.
  15. Crymsan

    Need your advice guys!

    If you only own one ship, I think LTI is over rated. This is because you will buy ships in game and they will not come with LTI insurance. If you own a fleet of ships then LTI has more worth and the more expensive the ship the likelihood is the more expensive in game insurance and so more...
  16. Crymsan

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    Its not a cheap ship but I can see the mission profile of dropping troops off into hostile territory. Just cannot see any use other than repeating said missions (when they add them) even then would a cutlass not be sufficient. They really should allow cargo in the vehicle bay I mean its hardly a...
  17. Crymsan

    Kraken concept art has it landing!

    It was the complete and utter lack of any scanner or look out for the "pirates", or else the Kracken has top stealth technology.
  18. Crymsan

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    Thanks for funding the dream!
  19. Crymsan

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    Oh didn't know about the Pheonix sale seriously why pretend and limit numbers I must rush in or not. I mean I already melted the 600i as quite frankly it just wasn't very good. From what has been seen at Citizen Con the game is many years from release (i.e. no change in 2 years now) and that...
  20. Crymsan

    I'm Sad

    Oh wow so glad no one had to pay for it!