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  1. Deroth

    Montoya strikes again

    That looks a little small, must be the work of a lesser corporation.
  2. Deroth

    Keep my Phoenix or CCU to a Valkyrie

    CCU to a Kraken! As others have indicated, what is it you're actually wanting to do? How many and what other ships do you have?
  3. Deroth


    I have these weird marks in these awkward locations, when do you have time to look at them?
  4. Deroth

    delete pls

    All of those terms seem to exclude avian and sasquatch kind though, so clearly they're oppressive.
  5. Deroth

    HI im Uname

    You look like a bird, any relation to @Blind Owl?
  6. Deroth

    delete pls

    I think it was beer and he's keeping it to himself, ATTACK!!!
  7. Deroth

    7 weeks with Test!

    Can you imagine how injured a person would get going around telling people, especially in TEST: "You cannot have your beer and drink it too."
  8. Deroth

    7 weeks with Test!

    No, it is promised: SOON™
  9. Deroth

    7 weeks with Test!

    Recipes are only a guide, not a rule. Plus, keep in mind the amount of barley and the fact there isn't any reason this butter cannot be used:
  10. Deroth

    Industry My crappy little Asteroid Mining 3.3.0 vid

    Nice video, though the pacing of mining to me seems more akin to Classical music than Rock.
  11. Deroth

    7 weeks with Test!

    How about BEER PIE! Definitely need feedback from @Blind Owl on this one.
  12. Deroth

    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Well, someone can forget about ever going to a promotion board again.
  13. Deroth

    Gimme the CitCon Rundown

    In the Kraken commercial all of the pirate ships were Anvil ships, one of them got split in half when the Kraken rammed it, but all the Anvil ships were decimated without harming any of the Drake ships. So the CIG lore team put together an open letter from the Anvil CEO/Chairman/Whatever...
  14. Deroth

    How many Auroras can the Kraken carry?

    Just tie those on with a string to be drug behind, not going to play them AND ship their ships.
  15. Deroth

    Hey yo CapnJack (that's me)

    Welcome. Favorite fermented beverage?
  16. Deroth

    Hello bois

    Coming from New Jersey Star Citizen might be too restrictive for you, you actually need to maintain vehicle registration and insurance, refill fuel on your own, and a bunch of other oppressive tasks!
  17. Deroth

    Gimme the CitCon Rundown

    So much Kraken! Holds lots of small to medium ships, dedicated Dragonfly bay, nice cargo hold, yet another place with a train, it is a capital ship that can actually land on planets, and the commercial for it pissed off Anvil. Oh, and a cheap looking mall ninja knife was added to the game.
  18. Deroth

    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Most likely buy it in-game.
  19. Deroth

    The Kraken, all you need for escort duty or trade?

    The Kraken does have two docking collars on opposite sides, so that does open up options for a floating resort of sorts.
  20. Deroth

    Ship prices in UEC

    Hmmm...I wonder what the odds are of them implementing a RMT with surcharge mechanic similar to Guild Wars 2.