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  1. Alexeyevich

    3.3 Performance Analysis

    I can confirm that is the build number.
  2. Alexeyevich

    3.3 Performance Analysis

    I'm a subscriber. PTU option lit up in my settings, then I copied my account and it took about an hour to get the mail. No special steps.
  3. Alexeyevich

    3.3 Performance Analysis

    Hey testies, I've been on a nine month hiatus from making videos, but for this patch, I just had to. For people that enjoy watching videos instead of reading text: for the rest, I've sat on Port Olisar on both 3.2.2 and 3.3 and recorded the fps a couple of times, then I averaged out the...
  4. Alexeyevich

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I think that the current flight model is perfect and should not be changed in any way, shape nor form.
  5. Alexeyevich

    Price increases 3.3 release

    I agree, it's crazy to think you could buy five Auroras or one Nova.
  6. Alexeyevich

    Comments from Chris Roberts.

    "On the serialized variable / object culling that is in progress and we should have a first pass in for the next full release in March" March isn't that far away. If they can stick to that ETA, we could be seeing good fps in 2-3 months.
  7. Alexeyevich

    Info and my opinion on the Tumbril Nova

    I cover the specifications and what was mentioned in the ATV Ship-shape, what ships it can fit in and at the end I provide my own opinion on just how useful it will actually be. This is my most "natural" video yet, where I tried to record the entire video in one-go. (no cuts or edits) I ended...
  8. Alexeyevich

    A PTU Request - Video of a Cargo Full Cargo Run

    The buy and sell price seems to be the same. ( At the same location )
  9. Alexeyevich

    Going deep into the new dynamic cargo system

    That is a great point and something that I struggle with quite a bit. As a non-native english speaker, I find that sometimes my accent is too strong and when talking emotionally, certain sounds tend to get caught up in the accent and then while sounding a lot more alive, the ability to...
  10. Alexeyevich

    Going deep into the new dynamic cargo system

    Please do!
  11. Alexeyevich

    Going deep into the new dynamic cargo system

    Hey Testies! We're one step closer to some real massive cargo trading (when they unlock Levski again), I pulled out my spreadsheet and already made around 400000 UEC / ~12 min. I'm wondering if they're going to nerf this because it's a completely insane amount of aUEC compared to mission...
  12. Alexeyevich

    Trying (and failing) to uncover interdiction data

    Something a bit different this time around. I was very happy to read that we now have Interdiction in the game, and its functioning pretty well. It means that we're one step closer to players being able to do it. I wanted to check the chance of you getting interdicted in quantum, so I hopped...
  13. Alexeyevich

    The Prospector rock raiding picture story PTU3.0

    I like the night screenshots where its just artificial light, make it a lot more survivy looking. also, Yay for exploring with the prospector!
  14. Alexeyevich

    My Radar interviews

    I'm still not sure about why they partnered up, but it sure is a nice source of constant information. Hopefully they can do these every few months or so!
  15. Alexeyevich

    Third ship video - This time it's longer?

    This is a video meant for new players, specifically players that might've not even pledged yet. I expect that with 3.0 going live (whenever that may be) we'll get a bunch of new people. I wanted to have one of my own videos to help push them towards the dark side. It's a bit longer than usual...
  16. Alexeyevich

    List of new Key Bindings for 3.0

    and if you use it while you're in third person camera, you crash!
  17. Alexeyevich

    New ship video - this time about exploration

    Last time I just dropped a video on you guys, let me try to explain more this time around. When making this one, I've tried to keep an overall structure, but instead of reading off a script, I went just off the top of my head, which resulted in some non-intentional humor at the comparison part...
  18. Alexeyevich

    Chris Roberts interview with MyRadar

    I'm still confused by the myradar <> CIG partnership. I heard that the myradar ceo is a star citizen fan. What's CIG getting out of it though? Live weather app for Deymar? It seems like they could do that very easily in mobiglass / spectrum.
  19. Alexeyevich

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I support net neutrality as it will really improve the internet for small businesses. Like if you agree.
  20. Alexeyevich

    Video: Crytek sues Star Citizen for breach of contract

    Good video @Montoya the fake tear in the thumbnail really showcases how silly this whole affair is