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  1. Sirus7264

    Made a quick 5 minute tutorial for FOIP!

    That was pretty good wondering though why it couldnt track your teeth well it was like your teeth were almost always closed while you were talking.
  2. Sirus7264

    What do you see in this picture?

    This was epic
  3. Sirus7264

    [Video] Citizencon 2018 - Crowd reactions to Keynote

    HAhaha that was freaken well put for the intro i had to stop the video and just laugh
  4. Sirus7264

    Hello, Citizens

    That name is awesome how did you flip it upside down is that some sort of special font?
  5. Sirus7264

    Hey fellas!

    OMG is the bike ok? joking im glad you are ok and got things turned around your life looks like it is in the right direction.
  6. Sirus7264

    7 weeks with Test!

    Give me beer i really could use a test one.
  7. Sirus7264

    Road to Release

    Ive already done both of those does that make me old
  8. Sirus7264

    4 years with Test!

    wow big accomplishment congrats.
  9. Sirus7264

    I’ve been here for 3 years!

    And you are a still spicy as ever congrats on three years
  10. Sirus7264

    CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack

    Yes this is true only Imperitor subs get the digital goodies pack from citcon.
  11. Sirus7264

    Greetings from Austin, Texas, USA!

  12. Sirus7264

    First Man - Short Review

    I'll have to check to see if the theater here is playing it or not it probably is but i havnt had any time in the last 3-4 months to do anything due to working on my house.
  13. Sirus7264

    Montoya's Citizencon Experience Pt1

    Wow i never realzied how rediculas he was until i watched all this. How did this guy stay on the air?
  14. Sirus7264

    Montoya's Citizencon Experience Pt1

    Lol what is that from?
  15. Sirus7264

    Montoya's Citizencon Experience Pt1

    I need that damn loot bag lol. and you should get either 1 big test squadron wall banner or 2 smaller ones on the left and right sides of you.
  16. Sirus7264

    First landing on Hurston by Test Squadron, ends predicatively.

    Lol how did you manage that.
  17. Sirus7264

    First Man - Short Review

    is this in theaters atm in america or is this a netflix original or something?
  18. Sirus7264

    o7 Hey There

    Yeah pretty sure this will run at least 1500-2000. maybe you can contact CIG via email or something and explain your situation. here is the link for the kraken btw. I'm still debating getting it or not i put my thing in to see how much they offer it for...
  19. Sirus7264

    o7 Hey There

    Woohoo welcome back. You know the sale isnt over yet you need to put in an "Interest" for the kraken and CIG will contact you i think you have 1 day left to do it if you want the kraken.