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  1. Shadow Reaper

    Due to popular request, we are getting a TEST KRAKEN! - Donation drive within.

    Has anyone seen info on the supposed "S8 manned turret"? I had no idea they decided to go above S6. When did this happen? I'm volunteering to man any turret, when I'm not busy playing silent stalker.
  2. Shadow Reaper

    Polaris is Now a Limited Quantity Ship.

    Keep in mind, that any small tending craft you might want to operate off a Polaris can be flown into theater seperately, and then manintained with the hangar so long as they fit. If you want to fly ten Hornets off that hangar you could do that. I dunno if they're really gonna make it limited...
  3. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    I think they are restricting the gravity to the areas above the plates, so August has a good point. There is an artificial gravity generator, and it emits gravitons, but it doesn't create a force unless above the grav plates. The plates need pipes so if damaged in combat, sections of the...
  4. Shadow Reaper

    Does a dedicated Dropship need Quantum Drive or Jump Drive?

    The Vanguard is really not a dropship. The general platform is supposed to be "long range fighter". Personally I don't think they can get $330 for ship with no QD and I think they know this. Still no official word what to think on JD. I think they expect a firestorm when they come out on...
  5. Shadow Reaper

    Polaris is Now a Limited Quantity Ship.

    Is a good guess. I'm still hoping as they open it up the hangar gets a little bigger--same with the Carrack.
  6. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    Yeah, someone's gotta check see what happens when you try to sit down in one of the troop chairs while holding a cargo crate. That could be a doable thing, and easy to check. My guess is oyu ca;'t use the seat while holding a crate, but who knows?
  7. Shadow Reaper

    Polaris is Now a Limited Quantity Ship.

    It's much more powerful than that. The Polaris has cap ship radar, while the Tally is medium. Since Torps have greater range than guns, this makes an enormous difference in the way the ships can be used. Add to this that the Polaris can support spotting ships like the Ghost Hornet, Tracker...
  8. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    It's important when comparing game transports to real world transports, to note that in the real world, we don't fly armor. SC is presuming we can, so the closest real world troop transport to things like the Hoplite, Prowler, and Valk are not helicopters, but APCs. MV22's don't include guns...
  9. Shadow Reaper

    Keep my Phoenix or CCU to a Valkyrie

    I'm always for flying what is in game. What is it you want to do?
  10. Shadow Reaper

    Montoya strikes again
  11. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    Best analysis I've seen so far, and I think a great argument for cargo grav plates in the Vanguard, Prowler and the Valkyrie. This guy is so right that if the notion of protecting gameplay balance requiress flying civilian cargo craft into combat zones, the notion is utterly broken. Troops...
  12. Shadow Reaper

    The New Flight Model coming in 3.4

    I think they will adjust so you can dodge in the most agile ships and not in the others. For fighter combat I think the Hornet is really the central figure, that all others are best measured against as agile or not. I'm pretty sure I have read this in the past.
  13. Shadow Reaper

    Dual-stick setup

    Everyone using these T16000s, is there a mount for putting them right onto a gaming chair?
  14. Shadow Reaper

    Dual-stick setup

    I was going to recommend marcsad2 to speak to this issue, and yet was surprised with his posting the notion of adding tablets. That is way kewl. I have wondered about the added cost of using a touchscreen for ages, and fact is you only need it for a few things. Shield management is a great...
  15. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    If you don't mind the cargo bouncing around, the Prowler adds stealth to that selection and it doesn't cost much more. I'm still lovin' on the Prowler, 'cause I loves S5 guns. Escort with an Eclipse or three.
  16. Shadow Reaper

    What's your guy's opinion on the new citizencon ships?

    Agreed, but if you want to run cargo in a military vessel, the Carrack is a better choice, IMHO. It may be slower, but the huge scan radius will keep you safer, and it hauls a lot more.
  17. Shadow Reaper

    o7 Hey There

    Welcome back!
  18. Shadow Reaper

    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Why buy something you can loan offin' another? I can sell you a few though, them's got the cash when the time comes.
  19. Shadow Reaper

    The Valkyrie Dropship--ready to fly?!!!

    That's true, but they're not designed to operate singly. If you put say one sentinel, two Harbingers and three Hoplites together, you have a formidable strike force that can pretend to be something else, and could outfight a Polaris. The nice thing is even though they cost much more, they cost...
  20. Shadow Reaper

    Ship prices in UEC

    Yeah, but if you factor in the R&D costs for the F-35, and add that to the cost of each fighter, it will be the first fighter in history that costs more than [email protected] If we buy few enough of them, which seems likely because they suck so bad; they could go over [email protected] So ask yourself why we sell...