1. DirectorGunner

    Prospector Commercial - Rock Raiders A Hero is Born

    Join Dave Costigan as he defends the Star Citizen universe against a diabolical rock alien invasion! Available on any mobiglass September 9th 2948*. Brought to you by Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern. See your local authorized new and used dealers for your own prospector today! This was...
  2. DirectorGunner

    Need two good men (or ladies) for Prospector commercial

    Howdy! I need two active (in Star Citizen) and available men or ladies who'd like to partner with me for the prospector commercial contest. We only have 8 days left but there's only been 4 entries. We can kick some ass! Here's the last commercial contest entry I made for the 600i. ^ Did that...
  3. SullyQuindarius

    [WTT] Prospector for Carrack

    Looking to trade an LTI Prospector (CCU'd from an Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI) for a CCU from the Connie Aquila to the Carrack. I'll take a series of CCUs too. I've had no luck finding one so far...
  4. Zazooku

    Original Packages - Helping each other

    Hi All, On the anniversary sale in November I finally met my target for my dream line up for cargo hauling (Titan, Max and Hull C). The only thing that has left for me to achieve is Concierge status J. Due to financial commitments I will not be able to afford much more and I want to do...
  5. Malvariuz

    WTS : Prospector - LTI

    I have an upgrade for Prospector, and I've pretty firmly decided I will not want this ship. If ANYONE wants it , they can have it at cost, I can use it on a ship like the Argo after upgrading it to Buttlass black - and bingo, done. Melt value would be 100% the LTI token would come from...
  6. JackAvalon

    Just bought a Prospector

    Soo, I just coughed up 140 bones for this sweet ship. Anyone else?
  7. Blind Owl

    Stop playing with my emotions!!

  8. AstroSam

    The MISC Prospector Concept sale will go live on April 22nd, 2016 for the introductory price of $140

    Source: 140$ is not that small price as it was mentioned (or expected) in several internet forums before. For a lot of especially new backers it could be an interesting sale because of the LTI spec which can be...