Account ships for sale - Story and Offer included

Oct 30, 2017
RSI Handle
what was this Fencing weapon you were working on?
I wanted to create a tournament for everyone (professional and beginner) and over time transform these into a ranked league. Looking at common fencing events, the amount of armor one needs to wear makes combat a drag to look at and be in.
So looking at alternatives, i saw potential in the live action role playing equipment; they are using a rigid foam in a sandwich construction with a glass fiber pole. Those weapons are pretty light and usually dont hurt when hit.
With those in mind, i was looking for an eengineer to build me a mold for a longsword and a short one sword (gladius). I designed the swords and wanted iron weights in the guard and knob area. We pushed it to 950g weight (750 for the gladius) and it looked promising. But the engineer took his time and preferred another customer, doing the same thing, but solely for blades (only the blade part without guard, grip and knob). He sold aorund 2000 blades in the live aciton market before my sword went into the final phase. After that, i tested it out with a fencing group and a friend trainer of mine. Quickly, the top of the blade broke off due to conflicting materials (glass fiber pole pressing against the foam and destryoing it // see 2nd picture). I was upset, as this feature should have been looked at from the very beginning by the engineer. He said, he simply did not think about it, although i highlighted this potnetial problem very early on.

So i was left with a prototype weapon not build for heavy duty work and as the contract was my own doing, i had no safety in there. We decided to build the weapon solely for the live action community and made some adjustments. This sommer, i went on a big convention only to learn that these type of weapons were now prohibited officially. Due to the new and robust foam, the blades would cut into commonly used weapons, which is a no go. The other guy who sold 2000 weapons was the main reason for this ban, as people realized over 2 years how dangerous those blades were. As we had nearly the same blade, my new weapon was put into the same category and all interest was lost.

Now i am sitting on around 100 swords which are too weak for being used in fencing and my tournament and too hard for being allowed in the secondary market. The engineer closed the production down and the other guy sent his mold to china. I don't have another 30k € to try out a new foam and thus the project is now frozen.


Sep 5, 2017
RSI Handle
Hey my friend! Sad to hear this story, i hope you will find the way to deal with this crisis you have :(.

Anyway, i would like to ask you, how this ship selling works and how i can pay to you, so you get full price withotu some taxes and etc. Could u tell me more? Next month i am looking ot get ships, so maybe i still will have a chanse to take one of your LTI ships.

Thank you and best of luck my friend!
Oct 30, 2017
RSI Handle
Thank you @PrimeCronus !

Basically, i lose whatever discount i am offering + 3-5€ PayPal fees on top.
In detail, the selling and buying is done through PayPal via an invoice that i am sending to the email you provide (ideally you pm me those details).
You will then receive a payment notice as email with a link to PayPal.
From there, you can send the money to my account, which notifies me (the fees will occur on the sum that i receive).
I will then use your RSI Handle and email, to gift the ship to you. This is done from the RSI website.
Once i send the gift, you will recieve a RSI mail with a gift notification. Then you click the link inside that mail and the ship is yours. It will lose the "gifting" attribute, so you cannot gift it to another person.

Because i am offering ccu ships, i think a discount is fair. If you ever melt the ship, you would get the ccu base in your buyback. In this case a Hawk. Some like that, as it is another ship and more on the cheap end. Some don't like it, because they want the original ship in buy back. It is a personal choice.
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Oct 8, 2016
RSI Handle
Update: CI is not going to refund anything --> "It's very unlikely" they said.

If anyone is interested in buying the 3 giftable ships, i would highly appreciate it.

(All LTI and upgraded/CCU'd)
# Mercury Star Runner - 220$ - selling for 200 $ sold
# Vulture - 135$ - selling for 120 $
# Eclipse - 290$ - selling for 270 $
# Razor EX - 135 $ - selling for 120 $

No Pay Pal fees
hey, I was wondering if anybody had grabbed the Vulture yet?
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