Does anyone have the Holiday stream judgement day meme?


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Sep 17, 2016
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I've been looking for one of the best SC meme gifs ever made for representing anger or drama.

I saw it posted (in either our Discord or spectrum) during the (super cringe) 2016 holiday event iirc, it was of this moment when the camera was supposed to be switched and Sandi was looking angrily at something off camera.
Someone took that clip and morphed the background into judgement day from terminator..
imo it's one of the highest quality SC meme's I've ever seen and perfect to use when drama happens in the community.
This is literally the only other meme I could find

I've been told the source was posted in reddit around the time but I've been digging once in a while when I need that meme, in reddit.... since then.. and have yet to find it.
I previous spent considerable time digging through our Discord looking at a ridiculous amount of gifs posted around that time... nothing.

Does anyone have that gif link still?
We should have a SC meme archive or something.