I knew one day i will look at beautifull stars again...

Sep 5, 2017
RSI Handle
Finally my friends, finally!
Had to leave all my gaming to study for my future and here i am!
Finally i have everything i need, to become MOST WANTED pirate in the galaxy! haha

Soon gonna prepare some good stuff, like changing my PC for new, powerfull one, that will handle Star Citizen like it should. Gonna buy everything i can, for more comfortable and atmosheric gameplay, dream comming true and the best part is... I am in the GREATEST org that ever meet this world, i am proud to be a part of our TESTie family and soon everyone will know, that the most wanted pirate is wearing black and orange colors haha.

Feels good to be back my friends! How are you guys? How much i missed? Hope not drama's xD.