Joystick / HOTAS Table Mounts by MONSTERTECH


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Jun 3, 2016
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I would just do the training through windows before you buy anything. Just see how it plays with you. VA uses windows voice recognition, so I would go through the "training" a few times and see if it would be worth the buy first. But keep in mind that you can make the voice command for Voice Attack anything you like. So, if it has trouble recognizing a word, just change it. For example, my computer can't recognize me saying "Chaff" for the life of me. Just doesn't get that word, so I dont use it,, but I've seen other people use it just fine.

As for the reaction times, its really not that bad and some things are faster. For instance I can still wait until the last second to say "Countermeasures" or "all counters" and it will fire a Flare, cycle cm's, then fire a Chaff. Much faster than I can do.

***But my favorite is "Departure handover". My ship will take off to a height of 30m, retract landing gear, then send power to the engines. All the while talking to me lol.
Ah... well, if it's Windows doing the heavy lifting for this program then it won't work. Cortana has no idea that I'm speaking English. :/

Oh well. Maybe I just need dual keyboards.


Jul 8, 2017
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I'm a native english speaker from the US and it still has no idea what I mean when I say 'blue'.
Hey, "Blue" can be tricky if it has no context lol.*and the soft b is hard to pick up.

The good thing about VA is that it isn't trying to search an infinite list of possibilities to recognize. You (or in the case with HCS packs, they) give it a set limit of terms. It is much easier for it (windows voice recognition) to recognize what you are saying when it has a limited set of options to choose from.

***This is why I say to give the training a try. It is a similar situation. You read sentences. So it knows what it is looking for.
Jan 9, 2016
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I am back :slight_smile:

Here a quick new foto of the long version of the Table Mounts in silver and black.

And I got some goodies from Montoya. I will include them in orders with a Test Notice. :slight_smile:

Although I am debating keeping the cookie cutters for myself...
Man... I want those mounts sooooo bad. You have a solid design, sir. I am impressed.


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May 6, 2016
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We are in the final stages of opening MONSTERTECH USA. This will make the mounts only a little bit cheaper but it will definitely simplify things for US based customers. No weird foreign languages, currencies, and blocked credit cards. :slight_smile: My current starting target for that is May 1.


May 3, 2018
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Just saw Montoyas "State of the Squadron 30" on youtube and noticed he got a nice pair of tabel mounts : ) .

I bought my mounts about a year ago for the Trustmaster Hotas Warthog set. I was playing Elite Dangerous at the time. A few month ago I started playing Star Citizen and i switched to a dual joystick set up (T16000M left hand) but i didn't wanted to lose my Trustmaster throttle for flying big and slow ships. So I built a little 'mod' for the Monstertech mounts. Furthermore I wasn't a big fan of switching between dual joystick and mouse + keyboard. First I bought a xBox controler but I wasn't happy with this solution either. So the next 'mod' was to include a removable mousepad mount and a mini keyboard mount (razor nonstromo) for the monstertech mounts. Last but not least I added a few hinges to the mounts so I can quickly switch both joysticks "away" so I have enough space at my desk and I don't have to remove or move the table mounts.

Still a work in progress...
Almost had more fun creating the optimal setup for playing SC than actual playing SC...

Here are a few pics:

Normal work setup without removing the mounts:

Dual Joystick + mouse setup:

And after playing quickly convert back to non gaming mode:

Well I know exactly what you are thinking: "But it looks terrible..."

Yeha, maybe. But the great thing about the MonsterTech mounts is that if some1 comes over you can remove them within 2 minutes and lock them away : D
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Mar 15, 2016
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Finally I worked out how you lock the Warthog and T16000, also the extra supports at the bottom of the vertical beams to keep all the extra weight stable...

Let me correct you:
Well I know exactly what you are thinking: "But it looks terrible...fucking awesome"
What is the original purpose of your mousepad extension?
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