Joystick / HOTAS Table Mounts by MONSTERTECH


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May 6, 2016
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Update time (finally!):
Mouse Extension for the Joystick/HOTAS Table Mounts

The idea was again given to us from great input by the community but developing this was actually quite the challenge. We went through many ideas on how to make it.

Luckily we found the solution with a new composite material we are now using in general instead of wood. Black all the way through, almost as hard as aluminium and we can put it in an CNC mill. The material is actually quite expensive but worth it.

And here it is. In my opinion one of the best products we ever made and a must have for the table mounts.

Available now! Hope you guys like it. And again, let me know that Test Squadron is the Best Squadron in the order notice and I will include some TEST goodies for free. (As long as supply lasts)


monstertech_tbm_mouse_extension_2.jpg monstertech_tbm_mouse_extension_4.jpg monstertech_tbm_mouse_extension_white.jpg monstertech_tbm_mouse_extension_white_3.jpg
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