Officer Record: Michael Richard

Jul 31, 2018
RSI Handle
Opening Affiliate Records... Decrypting...Decryption Complete...

Name: Michael "Shooter" Richard
Security Clearance: Unknown
He is a noname in TEST right now. Drunkards still debate.
Age: 44
Occupation: Bevildered Scout, a Hull-E type Freighter located at the orbit of Delamar.
Main affiliation: Independent Miners Guild
Secondary affiliation: TEST Squadron
1.88 meters
Blood Type: A-

Michael was born at 2904, at Terra, to a family of UEE Marines. He admired his family and worked hard to meet the requirements of being a proud Marine at 12nd Brigade. With the Vanduul threat on rise, he participated in numerous operations. After some point UEE Command saw him fit more aboard as crewmember on an Idris-M however. He worked as turret gunner of STS weapon system and battled Vanduul both within space and ground as well. Known for having a knack for impressive solutions by applying big guns strategically, he rose at ranks over time to be 3rd Officer of the Idris-M in time. However by that time he was 41 years old and he had to retire. He did such but never stopped fighting for his ideals and for people he considered allies. He got contacted by the prospering Independent Miners Guild and thrown his lot with them. Climbed the ladders and at 2947 he became a Guildmaster of said organization. Then seeing that he could affiliate himself with even more powerful organizations, he found the TEST Squadron while he was at Stanton and he happened to accepted on site as soon as he made contact with the squadron.

Citations: Likes big ships, owns big ships, leads a bunch of drunk angry miners into crazy sh*t and owns big guns. Radical amounts of shouting "FOR THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND!" and obbessions with "dakka" detected as well. Seeks bigger crowds to do even crazier stuff.

Comments from Commanding Officers: Do not ever give him a laser gun. He just f**ks sh*t up with them. He is a man of wasting unnecessary ammo by saturating areas with his Gemini F55. Excessive preference of Gemini brand makes people thinks Gemini hired him as an ad guy too. Why cant that f**kboy use Behring for f**ks sake?!
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