TESTie postie for everyone!

Jul 28, 2015
RSI Handle
Hi my beautiful and lovely fellow TESTies :slight_smile:

Last year, at CitizenCon in Frankfurt, our beloved Munken brought a fuck'off huuuge TEST banner, which we all signed. It was and is glorious! :smile: However, I did feel kinda jelly and though "Me wantz TEST thingy with autographs too!!!!". So therefore, I present to you, a present to all of you, who will be attending CitizenCon 2018.


The poster is in A3, printed on gorgeous 280g paper and the TEST fractal is coded by yours truly... og yeah, and the backside of the poster has the code for generating the fractal.. because, ehm, why not! :smile:


You Chrome might overload and crash if you try running the code, so use Firefox ;)

Anywaaay... I am getting 50 printed and am bringing a bunch of gold/silver/bronze markers. So the idea is, that those of you who want to, can get a poster and then get your TEST buddies to sign them and voila! Memento!

They are free but you may hug me! :smile: