WTS - Account SQ42 + SC + Blue Cutlass + Banu Merchantman LTI - REDUCED

May 10, 2015
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Commander Kalibore
Hi there - reduced!! Big savings!!
Selling my Star Citizen Account - need the money for a business start up.
These ships are only available during special ship sales and are not usually attainable.

Banu Merchantman + Lifetime insurance (LTI) ($350) - Note: We all know the merchantman price is going up next time around after CIG reannounced the ship has grown massively!!
Cutlass Blue + 6 months insurance ($145)

Star Citizen Digital download (£43)
Squadron 42 Digital download (£43) - todays prices
Aeroview hanger
Selfland hanger
Other extras and ship upgrades, founders
Totals $475 cost to me. Plus taxes ON TOP of that.

ASKING £275 Please, think thats a fair deal for someone. Basically buying a Merchantman and getting the 2 games and a blue cutlass for free and not paying added taxes!!

Can email me: [email protected]

I can take paypal then forward you all of the details for the account.

I believe you can but the account and then transfer everything to your main if you have an account already - I’m not sure, you’ll have to check if that is your objective. I’m sorry no refunds if not - when it’s transferred and handle changes can’t return it.
for whole account - you can change your user name (handle) and everything after I give you account access.
I cannot accept returns due to after transferring account it will belong to you. It's a great package with two of the best ships in the game that you can only buy a couple of times a year during special ship sales, subject to change.

Thanks guys.


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